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The power of bitter substances - known from "Löhen cave"

In the term “bitter substances”, many think of spirits or bitter liqueurs. No wonder, because bitter vegetables like radicchio, chard or chicory now hardly taste bitter.
The diverse effect of bitter substances on our well -being has been known for a long time, but they no longer play a role in the life of many. At the same time, more and more people are suffering from problems.

Bitter love contains the effective bitter substances from exquisite natural ingredients such as bitter herbs and roots and brings back the concentrated power of nature to your diet.
Depending on your taste, you can buy bitter love as drops, powder, capsules or tea.

✔️ gentle production in Germany
✔️ vegan and lactose -free
✔️ Support of general well -being
✔️ Sustainable packaging
✔️ organic certified

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Bitter substances support digestion in a very natural way and thus increase well -being.

Bitter love contains the effective bitter substances from exquisite natural ingredients such as bitter herbs and roots and brings exactly this effect. Depending on your taste, you can buy bitter love as drops, powder, capsules or tea.

  • BitterLiebe Tropfen 50 ml mit Rabatt

    Bitter love 50ml - delicious bitter substances drops with a study -based effect

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    Dietary supplements with plants and herbal extracts (alk. 55% vol).

    15 selected natural herbs with naturally contained bitter substances:
    ✅ The only bitter drop with study -based effects*
    ✅ For the inner sweet tooth
    ✅ Perfect after eating instead of schnapps or espresso

    Due to the practical pipette closure, the drops are also perfect for on the go and the handbag.

    Incidentally, the drops are excellent with the Good Food Award 2021. You are winners in the Brain Food 🥇 category. This award gives Women’s Health the best food of the year together with the big brother Men’s Health since 2015.

    Recommended consumption: to let 25 drops (corresponds to about half a pipette) three times a day before or after eating on the tongue. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Just like you could get used to sweet, sour, salty, sharp and Umami, you can get used to bitterly. So the drops range from about a month.

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  • BitterLiebe Kapseln Angebot

    Bitter love capsules - monthly pack (90 pcs.)

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    Dietary supplements

    8 Sensively combined plant substances with natural bitter substances and calcium from the red algae

    ✅ Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes
    ✅ Calcium contributes to a normal energy metabolism
    ✅ Perfect before eating 

    • Feel the power of the bitter substances without taste.
    • With valuable bitter fabrics from 7 natural herbs and the red algae as well as calcium for a normal function of digestive enzymes.
    • Ideal to take before meals.
    • By addressing the bitter receptors in the gastrointestinal tract, the effect can take a little longer, so we recommend taking permanent intake for the best results.

    Recommended consumption: 3 times a day 1 capsule with sufficient water before meals. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

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  • BitteLiebe Pulver aus Naturkräutern aus Höhle der Löwen

    Bitter love powder (100 g)

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    Herbal and spice preparation

    Unique combination of 7 selected natural herbs - so tasty can be bitter. Perfect for:

    ✅ Smoothies
    ✅ Salad dressing
    ✅ Hearty (for example: schnitzel panade)

    With the bitter love powder with 7 valuable natural herbs and roots, you can easily integrate the daily dose “Bitter” into your menu. And that incredibly tasty 😉 

    In addition to smoothies 🥤, breakfast bowls 🥣 and delicious dressings, hearty things like a schnitzel panade are even possible!
    You can find many great recipe ideas in the blog at Bitterliebe.

    Ingredients: ground root root (30 %); Curcuma powder (15 %); Galgant root ground (15 %); Ginger powder (15 %); Gueller berries ground (15 %); Artichokes powder (5 %); Cardamom powder (5 %)

    Recommended consumption: Add the powder to your dishes to taste.

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  • BitteLiebe Kräutertee mit Rabattcode

    Bitter love tea - delicious herbal tea (100 g)

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    Our bitter love herbal tea is the perfect addition to our bitter love. Exquisite bitter herbs with delicious mint 🌿
    Tip: also tastes very tasty as an iced tea!

    ✅ Without additives and vegan
    ✅ No added sugar
    ✅ Without artificial aroma substances

    With the help of our bitter love teas, you can get used to bitter fabrics again easily and delicious. This contains selected, exquisite bitter herbs with a touch of mint 🌱 And is both hot and cold.

    Preparation: Take about a teaspoon of bitter love tea for a cup and pour it over it with bubbling boiling water. Let it pull it for about 5-8 minutes. ☕

    You are also welcome to combine the tea with other bitter love products, e.g. drops and capsules with the bitter substances. The recommendation for consumption in the respective products remains, even if you take several bitter substances products.

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BitterLiebe Anwendung
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Why we love bitter love 😍

Bitter love is an absolute must-have for us! We know that bitter substances are healthy, and we often do not take up enough of the food - after all, chicory, endivia or radicchio are not on the menu every day. In addition, many bitter substances were bred out of food. Bitter substances are crucial for digestion and thus for general well -being.

The little bottle of bitter love in your handbag is our rescuer when feeling full - an elegant alternative to herbal schnapps after eating and probably also healthier. We swear by the 15 different bitter herbs, from yarrow to Enzizurzel. Bitter love is not only vegan and gluten -free, but also "made in Germany" and free of additives. Bitter substances should also help against cravings - So we don't have any. The awareness from "The lion's cave"We also convinced us. The fact that bitter love is too 100% of natural ingredients Consists for us the unbeatable favorite.

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On the bitter love shop - 10% discount with code: nu
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    What are bitter substances?

    Bitter substances are chemical compounds with a bitter taste and vary their intensity as an important part of secondary plant substances. Industrialization has eliminated bitter substances from our food, and breeding originally no longer taste bitter food. The modern sense of taste is falsified by sugar, salt and flavor enhancers, which means that the flavor neglects bitterly due to the oversupply of sweet and salty flavors.

  • BitterLiebe  - Die Power von Bitterstoffen

    The power of bitter substances

    Bitter substances have been used in Hildegard von Bingen, Ayurveda and TCM for centuries for their diverse positive effects on well -being. However, they are often missing in our modern nutrition. In order to restore the balance, bitter substances are a sensible addition, since they are no longer sufficient in bitter vegetables and herbs. Their natural strength influences well -being and should be used.

  • Bitterliebe - Bitterstoffe sind gesund

    Bitter is better

    Today we mainly know cute, salty, sour and umami as a flavor, mainly due to the use of flavor enhancers in many foods. The rejection of bitter substances is often the first reaction, but they are required all the more because the body is no longer used to it. After the first intake, the body quickly gets used to the bitter taste. Bitter as a natural opposite pole, the inner sweet tooth can trick between meals, whereby bitter substance drops can achieve an important effect.

  • BitterLiebe Tropfen günstiger

    You need bitter!

    Our ancestors, from Hippocrates to Hildegard von Bingen, knew about the importance of bitter substances for centuries. The bitter taste signals how much the body needs it. Regular intake is quickly getting used to the bitterness and feels the positive effect. Discover the miraculous power of bitter substances with our four bitter love basic products: drops, tea, superfood powder and capsules-perfect additions to your general well-being.

Frequent questions about bitter fabrics from bitter love answered

Why bitter substances? You need bitter!

Due to the industrial production of food, bitter substances were largely “banished” or bred from today's diet. So our 5th sense of taste was totally forgotten. That is a shame, because "bitter" has super valuable properties. These bitter substances are very important for a healthy balance. Especially after eating, these are a blessing.

The bar of chocolate smiles at you again and the sweet hunger predominates? Instead, try our bitter substances.

Likewise, the taste can be so incredibly diverse-simply add a teaspoon of our powder in smoothies, salad dressings or even the schnitzel panade and the taste will literally overwhelm you.

For example, you can find more information about bitter substances here:

What is the compatibility?

All of our products consist of 100% natural ingredients and are free from additives. The products are also vegan, gluten and lactose-free.

May I take bitter love when I'm pregnant or silence?

If you want to use our bitter love products during pregnancy, we recommend that you clarify this with your midwife or doctor :)

We must not make any official statements as a nutritional supplement.


We recommend our tea factory for breastfeeding Mama herbs Tea.

Can children take bitter love?

For children under the age of 12 we recommend ourpowderor ourChildren herbs tea. Children over the age of 12 can usually also take our other products, please use the pediatrician beforehand.

Are there any side effects?

From a legal legal point of view, we must not say anything about side effects, since bitter love is not a medication. However, we are not aware of any side effects because it is exclusively natural herbs or bitter substances. However, please check whether you do not tolerate one of the herbs.

Why do bitter love do drops alcohol?

The alcohol removes the color and flavoring substances to the herbs. Many of the valuable active ingredients of our selected bitter herbs dissolve in it. The alcohol extracts the active ingredients from the herbs. A long shelf life can also be guaranteed by the alcohol.


Don't be put off by the high content of alcohol.


3 daily doses of our recommended consumption of consumption correspond to a glass of apple juice.*


So you don't need to worry about driving etc.


If you don't want to or may not take alcohol at all, we recommend our non -alcoholic drops (bitter love mild), our capsules, our tea or our powder.



*In the case of alcohol, you have to differentiate between the alcohol content (vol.%) And the amount of pure alcohol. If you drink 0.5l apple juice a day, for example, you consume 2g of pure alcohol (4g/1l). For comparison: with taking a daily dose of bitter love, 0.7g of pure alcohol is consumed.

What is in our products?

We only use selected ingredients for bitter love without artificial additives. The products are completely developed and manufactured in Germany.

They are also examined for heavy metals and pesticides. We produce free of animal experiments and all of our products are vegan.

You can find all ingredients of the products on the product pages below under "ingredients and ingredients".


Can you combine the products with each other?

Yes, our products can all be taken combined. For example, you can take the capsules before meals and the drops afterwards. The addition with tea or powder can also make sense. It is best to try out which income form you like best :)

What is the difference between drops and capsules?

Both drops and capsules are based on bitter substances and have a similar effect and composition, but differ in the form of income. 


Many of our customers take both products because both the bitter receptors are addressed on the tongue and those in the gastrointestinal tract.


The human organism also has bitter receptors in the gastrointestinal tract. Since the drops develop their effect directly on the tongue, they do not do this in the gastrointestinal tract. With the help of the capsules, we have also created a solution to address the receptors in the gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, the capsules also contain natural calcium from the Rotalge. We therefore recommend combining the drops and capsules.