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  • VITORI Kristallmatte - das Original

    Vitori crystal mat - the original

    ✔️ Experience the concentrated power of nature with infrared, magnetic field, biophotons and more. ✔️ Whether at home or in the alternative practitioner /physiotherapist practice- the premium crystal mat brings well-being to every place at the push of a button. ✔️ Simply spread out and feel the healing energy.
    With us you will find all offers.
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  • Holistic Heroes - Deine Komplettlösung für Nahrungsergänzung

    Holistic Heroes - your complete solution for nutritional supplements

    ✔️ No compromises: Holistic Heroes - 3 superheroes from nature for more energy, balance and performance. With great essential, Deep Sleep and Super Amino, you play your nutrient requirement. ✔️ 100% vegan, sustainable, high quality - for a strong immune system, relaxing sleep and daily power. ✔️ Discover natural strength now!
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  • Cellavita - naturreine Nahrungsergänzung

    Cellavita - natural nutritional supplements

    ✔️ Of course pure nutritional supplements and natural products from Germany with high bioavailability. ✔️ For health, nutrition, household, leisure and animals. ✔️ produced sustainably. Organic certification ✔️ Extensive offer for vegans and vegetarians. ✔️ No chemical additives. 100% natural. ✔️ The products are simple, effective and inexpensive.
    With the code NU you get a 10% discount on almost all products*
    except Neowake, Multiwellen Oszilator and Dieter Broers NFS

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  • Vetain - veganes Protein

    ✔️ Vegane Proteinshakes und Proteinriegel.
    ✔️ Optimales Aminosäureprofil: Enthält 18 verschiedene Aminosäuren
    ✔️100% natürliche Bio Zutaten
    ✔️ Leckerer, natürlicher Geschmack
    ✔️ Frei von Allergenen & künstl. Zusätzen
    ✔️Nachhaltige Verpackung aus Papier
    ✔️ Bestens verträglich
    ✔️ Zum Backen und Kochen geeignet
    ✔️ Gemeinnützigkeit: Pflanzung von Mangroven und Spenden an Umweltprojekte pro Kauf.
    Mit dem Code NU bekommst du 10% Rabatt auf alle Produkte!

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  • bedrop - natürliche Bienenprodukte

    Threat - natural bee products

    ✔️ Discover the power of bees for you & your body with propolis, gelée royale, Manuka Honey & Bienengift! Sustainable and organic certified. ✔️ known from the "Löwen cave" cave- Judith Williams as an investor knows propolis from her childhood and swears by the natural remedy.✔️ These products should not be missing in your medicinearies.
    With the code NU you get 10% on all products!

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  • That´s me organic - Pfanzenhaarfarbe & Naturkosmetik

    That's me organic - Pfancial hair color & natural cosmetics

    ✔️ These hair colors are different from other plant hair colors: they do not crumble, smell good and conjure up shiny, well -kept hair with more stand and volume.✔️ Made from pure plant raw materials✔️ Sadient in pregnancy & lactation ✔️ 100% chemical✔️ Handmanfaktur & Familienbetrieb ✔️ animal test -free ✔️ Developed by the natural hairdresser ✔️ Volume, extreme gloss & fullness
    With the code NU you get a 15% discount on all products!

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  • Fairnatural - Bio Protein und Superfoods

    Fairnatural - organic protein and superfoods

    ✔️ Organic Whey Protein Powder, Vegan Protein Powder Bio, delicious organic protein shakes, organic proteins · Bio Superfoods ✔️ sustainable ✔️ Made with love in Heidelberg ✔️ German health award test winner 2023 ✔️ For muscle building & diet, energy, vegan nutrition, health, beauty, relaxation & sleep ✔️ Sustainable, fair and very tasty
    With the code NU you get a 12% discount on all products!

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  • Deta Elis - Bioresonanz Geräte und Nahrungsergänzung

    Detail Elis - bioresonance devices and nutritional supplements

    ✔️ Innovative technologies and methods for independent restoration and maintenance of health
    ✔️ Treatment with the devices is based on the principles of bioresonance and can heal without being invasive and causing side effects.
    ✔️ We are happy to make contact with Patricia, who can advise you on the products and the application.

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  • Urquelle Diamant - Wasserfilter

    Quelle Diamant - water filter

    ✔️ filts water up and renatured with valuable minerals, rocks and quartzen. A completely revitalized water is created. ✔️ Unique fresh taste like from a source. Extremely fresh, soft, pure and yet strong in the finish. ✔️ installable in every kitchen. ✔️ Drink fresh source water every day, directly from your tap. ✔️ The entire system is installed in a few steps.

    With the code NU you get a 3% discount.

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  • CILI by design Swish CBD

    Cili by Design - CBD & CBG

    ✔️ Pureest, fastest and bio -availability hemp oil on the market.✔️ Water-soluble CBD/CBG product✔️Cili Swish CBD/CBG contains 90 other minerals and vitamins ✔️ Tasty ✔️ Maximum bioavailability and absorption ✔️ 100 percent nano concentrate ✔️ Without intoxicating THC ✔️ No artificial additives ✔️Pharmaceutical quality✔️ Tested clinically and checked by independent laboratories ✔️ vegan (no GMO)

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