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The mountain source for your home - water, the most important elixir of life for humans 

The original source Diamond turns your tap water into 15 unique steps to original spring water. As original as water can be!

Your water will be filtered up and then renatured with valuable minerals, rocks and quartzen. A fully revitalized water is created, just like from a pure mountain source.

💧 Unique fresh taste
Comparable, as if you were drinking spring water from a high and untouched mountain spring. Extremely fresh, soft, pure and yet strong in the finish. A unique experience.

💧 Installable in every kitchen
Drink fresh source water every day, directly from your tap. The entire system is installed in a few steps. Whether self -installation or with installation service.

The Urquelle team will be happy to advise you. You can also try the water.

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Frisches Wasser - UrQuelle geht mit 15 Prozessen weiter als jede Osmoseanlage

Ur spring continues with 15 processes than any osmosis system

Water, the most important elixir of life for humans
The original source Diamond transforms your tap water into 15 unique steps to the original mountain spring.

💧 Cheaper than any plastic bottle
💧 Highly filtered and energetic
💧 Uniquely enjoyable

Lively, pure, fresh, energetic water 💦

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Urquelle® diamond the mountain source for your home!

Our water today is not as healthy as often claimed. Because not all pollutants are filtered out in a sewage treatment plant.

UrQuelle Diamant Wasserfilter filtert Schadstoffe für reines Trinkwasser

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Because this is not about any product, but about the most precious thing we can consume: original water.

Find out how to the source of the Well -being can integrate into your daily routine. Book your advice and take your time for yours Well -being.

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A source is an untouched mountain source from your own tap.

UrQuelle Diamant Wasserfilter zur Wasserenergetisierung und Renaturierung
  • UrQuelle Diamant Wasserfilter gegen Plastik im Meer

    Plastic in the world's oceans

    If you look at our world's oceans, it becomes clear how much our water is dirty. Beaches are full of plastic waste and fish or mammals that are exposed to this pollution die painfully. But even our groundwater is not spared. One of the largest parts of our drinking water is made of microplasty.

  • UrQuelle Diamant Wasserfilter zum Umweltschutz

    environmental pollution

    The Urquelle®diamant spares valuable resources and also avoided a considerable proportion of plastic. The purchase of plastic bottles and all transport routes that are polluting the environment. The situation is similar with the loss of bottle water (glass), the cleaning of which is associated with a huge waste of resources (6 liters per bottle). A blessing for nature and the environment.

  • UrQuelle Diamant Wasserfilter für gute Wasserqualität

    Health problems

    More and more doctors and experts advise you to drink unfiltered tap water. It is not possible for the municipal utility to filter out all dirt. In addition, the tap water flows through pipes, some of which are underground for years. Corresponding reports on the water quality can be found in the expert opinion area of ​​the original source shop - click on the button.

  • UrQuelle Diamant Wasserfilter weniger Kosten für Trinkwasser

    High costs

    By possession of a Urquelle® diamond, you save a lot of money yourself. The costs for the weekly purchase of water are completely eliminated. In addition, up to 1700l of original water can be produced per day, which is in no way in relation to bottle water, especially if we even speak of spring water quality, which costs an average of over € 1 in organic stores.

UrQuelle Diamant Wasserfilter - reines Trinkwasser wie Quellwasser
  • UrQuelle Diamant Wasserfilter Vorteile