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Deta Elis Bioresonanz Geräte  und Beratung

Are you interested in healing frequencies and want to know where the cause of your health problem is?

Then bioresonance could be a way for you.

Bioresonance therapy is a gentle, side effect -free, computer -controlled
Vibration therapy (based on the knowledge of quantum and biophysics), which
the body's self -healing powers stimulates.

✔️ Here we present the products from Detail Elis: Bio-Resonance devices for analysis and therapy as well as innovative nutritional supplements

✔️ Do you need advice on the Detail Elis devices, would you like to get to know you or book an application? We are happy to make contact with Patricia, who has been working with Detail Elis for many years and gives valuable support in health issues.

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Detail Elis and Bioresonance

What is bioresonance?

Bioresonance is a concept that is based on the Physical Basic Law that matter is a compressed state of energy. Each body cell, every organ and every protein has an individual vibration, specific information. Disorders of these vibration patterns can lead to physical symptoms. Bioresonance therapy sets impulses on an energetic level to activate self -healing powers. The body is resonance with the information offered. This method tests the causes of cell dysfunctions on the energetic level to support the weakened body.
The principle of bioresonance explains that in the event of illness, the frequency of an affected organ generally decreases. The bioresonance creates the frequency of a healthy organ, stimulates healthy cell formation and promotes healing. The body comes back into balance when it is connected to healthy frequencies.

About Detail Elis

The company Detail - Elis is a subsidiary of the research and production company "Elis" and was founded more than 20 years ago. Today it is at the forefront of a new generation of medical devices: organic resonance therapy devices for analysis and therapy as well as innovative nutritional supplements.
The devices of the Devita series are sold by the company headquarters in Germany and are characterized by their unique quality, user-friendliness and reliability.

Innovative technologies and methods for independent restoration and maintenance of health

The developments of Detail Elis are based on a hundred -year scientific discoveries and research. Doctors, scientists and engineers have worked on the technical development in the field of health recovery and maintenance for years.

All devices from Detail Elis go through clinical tests and receive certifications. In addition, the devices are patented and were awarded numerous certificates and prices for their innovative strength and their contribution to the benefit of humanity.

Treatment with the devices is based on the principles of bioresonance and is based on the hippocratic oath that emphasizes the principle "You should not harm". These gentle devices can heal without being invasive and causing side effects.

The company has been using bioresonance technology for around two decades. The compact, innovative devices use outstanding frequency technologies that were developed by scientists such as Rife, full, Gurlich, mold and Clark. According to scientific knowledge, patented frequency medicine supports the body in recovering its energetic balance and becoming healthy.

The mini-bioresonance devices are suitable for everyone to help themselves or others, both for humans and animals. They are handy, easy to use and daily companions for health, protection, prevention and regeneration.

The principle of bioresonance

When an organ is ill, its frequency usually drops. For example, the lungs swing the so -called Hertz per second at a frequency of 72 cycles. If the lung develops an infection, your frequency will change and usually vibrate with less Hertz. 

The bioresonance creates the same frequency as an intact lung and thus stimulates healthy cell formation. The organ can fulfill its function again after a while. The body heals when it is connected to healthy frequencies and thus gets into balance.


Bioresonance therapy

is based on the scientifically proven principle of Max Planck's quantum physics, which says that our cells send and receive electromagnetic signals. 

There are different forms of energy in our body. One of them is electromagnetics, which is expressed as a vibration frequency. Every organ, every tissue of our body as well as every living being sends its special frequency, the so -called frequency of self -frequency. 

All organs form the personal electromagnetic field of every person. If there are parasites or viruses in the body, this field is influenced because more frequencies appear and the communication speed between the cells is reduced. 

Special diagnostic devices of bioresonance can localize the foreign frequencies of the pathogenic microorganisms, while the corresponding therapeutic devices can reduce the pathogenic causes. 

In fact, our body has the ability to heal itself. However, apart from the microbial burden, this is also affected by our way of life. Various chemical substances that we consume through food and medication as well as air pollution, negative emotions, electromagnetic and geopathic stress influence the functions of our body. The exhaustion and degeneration of the organs and systems are visible by the sending of corresponding pathological and disturbed vibrations. The bioresonance method activates processes in the body that are necessary to restore its ideal state. 

In addition, bioresonance works in two stages: 

a) it determines and processes the cause

b) It restores the body and systems of the body affected to their natural functionality

Why Detail Elis?

  • Simple, fast, safe and efficient method to get rid of diseases without (or with only minimal) use of prescription medication.
  • Healing chances of otherwise incurable diseases such as Ebola, herpes, hepatitis C, tuberculosis and many others.
  • Variety of parasite control - the main cause of all health problems.
  • Devices are safe for use with children and even pets! They may be used by pregnant women and breastfeeding women (only after advice from a doctor). Detail Elis devices may and should be used by all family members.
  • Highly efficient treatment without any side effects, confirmed by clinical studies all over the world.
  • Inexpensive, long -lasting, efficient, Side -to -side effect, Absolutely safe and pain -free treatment for the whole family.

Details from Detail Elis currently have more than 3000 treatment programs, with the number of programs increasing steadily. These devices are also characterized by an unusually high treatment success (over 85%).

Join thousands of healthy people and improve your health by buying and using our products!

Zukunft der Medizin Frequenzen Albert Einstein

Innovative technologies and methods for independent restoration and maintenance of health

Treatment with the devices is based on the principles of bioresonance and is based on the hippocratic oath that emphasizes the principle "You should not harm". These gentle devices can heal without being invasive and causing side effects. We are happy to make contact with Patricia, who can advise you on the products and the application.

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  • Bioresonanz Gerät von Deta Elis: DeVita AP+ für Entgiftung

    Devita AP+ cleaning and detoxification

    ✔️ The AP+ is an electromagnetic device that combats pathogenic microorganisms.
    ✔️ The principle of action of this device is based on the emission of electromagnetic waves, which with the uniferred vibrations of various pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, protocones, fungi and helminths occur and cause the destruction of the cell membrane. The organism can then leave this.
    ✔️ In this way, the AP+ acts specifically to the cause of diseases and then enables the organism to return to its physiological rhythm.
    ✔️ The AP+ contains 20 existing and 7 new program sets, of which each complex receives a mix of manual and automatic programs.

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  • Bioresonanz Gerät von Deta Elis: DeVita RITM: für Regeneration

    Devita ritm+regulation and regeneration

    ✔️ The RITM+ is an electromagnetic device that harmonizes the function of the organs and the systems of the organism.

    ✔️ It creates and sends low -frequency electromagnetic waves, the frequencies of which match the body's own physiological vibration frequencies.

    ✔️ It restores the physiological function and at the same time strengthens the immune system.

    ✔️ It contains 16 existing and 6 new prefabricated program sets, each complex of which contains a mixture of manual and automatic programs.

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  • Bioresonanz Gerät von Deta Elis: DeVita Energy 11 für Harmonisierung und Verjüngung

    Devita Energy 11 - harmonization and rejuvenation 

    ✔️ Devita Energy relieves psycho-emotional stress, gives the body energy, and activates the body's self-regulatory mechanisms. ✔️ regulates detoxification and protects against geopathological and electromagnetic influences.✔️ It also enables a restart of the immune system.

    With the 3 additional new programs:

    ✔️ Energy Pro -> aims to restore the lost energy, to increase immunity and the tone of the organism.
    ✔️ Anti -Age -> helps to slow down the aging process, to preserve youth and energy and to start the process of tissue regeneration. 
    ✔️ Soul peace -> helps to reduce mental tensions, to recover from experienced stress. It supports emotional and physical well -being and gives a feeling of inner peace. 

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  • Produkte von Deta Elis: Devita, Delixir, Deaqua, Dematrix, Denorma

    Digital technology for restoring and maintaining health


    The intelligent cell food for preserving health, beauty and youth


    Hydrogen water generator


    Medallions for regulation and protecting the body in 8 different areas


    Immuno- and psychobiotic

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  • DeAqua Wasserstoffgenerator von Deta Elis: Wasserstoff und Ozon

    Deaqua (hydrogen and ozone)

    Deaqua - hydrogen generator

    Water is life!

    There are three uses of the hydrogen water generator:
    1. It can be filled with hydrogen.
    2. He creates ozone water.
    3. It offers the option of hydrogen inhalation.

    "Hydrogen water"
    - activates the body's regeneration processes
    - neutralizes free radicals and removes toxins
    -reduces the redox potential to -400 mv to -700 mv
    - improves the body's resistance to external and inner negative factors
    - promotes the regeneration of tissue and cells
    - improves the metabolism
    - gives additional energy
    - reduces allergic reactions
    - improves memory
    - normalize blood pressure
    - strengthens bones and joints
    - reduces cholesterol and blood sugar
    - reduces the sensitivity to the weather

    "Ozone water"
    - can replace iodine or hydrogen peroxide
    - slows down biological processes and activate the cell metabolism
    - Kill up to 99.9 % of the bacteria and is an excellent natural disinfectant
    - destroys small parasites, germs, bacteria and mushrooms
    - Disinfects the floor, fresh vegetables and fruit
    - heals wounds and destroys toxins
    - helps combating infections, dental plaque gradually dissolves, quickly treats a running nose, diarrhea and poisoning
    - clean the skin gently and give its tone, elasticity and freshness

    "Hydrogen gas inhalation"

    - fill the body with molecular hydrogen
    -When inhaling, molecular hydrogen is absorbed in larger amounts of the lungs, the brain, the nervous system and the cardiovascular system
    - Hydrogen gas has many advantageous properties, including anti -inflammatory and antioxidant effects
    - Removes reactive oxygen products that appear oxidative in the body

    With regular use of hydrogen, this has a direct positive effect on many organs and systems of the body. After about two months, people notice improvements in general health, appearance (skin condition) and performance.

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  • Delixir Nahrungsergänzung von Deta Elis: Top Formel für Langlebigkeit mit Aminosäuren

    Delixir - top formula - amino acids

    Ideal for athletes and people with high requirements.

    This innovative cell nutritional product improves the demanding everyday life of athletes by offering several advantages for the body. The unique formula is particularly suitable for people over 65, since it contributes to the normal function of nerve and immune system and supports mental and physical performance.

    Particular attention is paid to the stress-reducing function due to the Rhodiola extract, which increases the serotonin and dopamine level in the brain. Chrome, another important part, is a valuable ally for muscle building, weight loss and regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol.

    Amino acids BCAA are crucial for muscle fibers and are broken down during longer training. Studies show that supplementation leads to less fatigue and better sporting performance before training.

    The B complex, consisting of 8 water-soluble vitamins, regulates the metabolic process geared to energy production and is crucial for hair, skin, digestive system, hormone synthesis and the condition of the red blood cells.


    Contents: 500ml


    Water, fruit juice concentrate (orange, apple, mandarin, guave, papaya, lime, lime, mango, pineapple, grape) fructose, L-eScorbic acid, potassium citrate, calcium gluconate, magnesium gluconate, collagenhydrolysate, rhadiola-rosea powder, zinc gluconate, ginngate, basement, potassiums, potent Sodiumbenzoat, choline, zeaxanthinpulver, Xanthan, calcium-d-pantothenate, thiamin, riboflavin, niacinamide, pyridoxinhydrochloride, inositol, manganglukonat, l-cater, l-carnitine, l-glutamine, cholecalciferol, lutein, stevia , Chrompicolinate, folic acid, Citric acid, biotin, retinylpalmitat, potassium iodide, beta-carotene, menachinon, sodium selenite, cyanocobolamine, aroma.


    Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep cool and outside the range of children.

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