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Vitori Premium crystal pillow - the original

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  • Negative ions
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Relaxation is a matter of the head
The Vitori® crystal pillow combines the memory foam originally developed by NASA with gemstones. It offers a convenient, relaxed location for the head and neck, but can also be placed under your knees to relieve it.
The crystal pillow consists of two parts, with the outer shell removable and contains different crystals. This cover can be heated on the Vitori® crystal mat for approx. 15-20 minutes and then used as a wrap or envelope for the local treatment of arms, hands, legs, chest, feet or stomach.
The crystals used are:
1. Red Jaspis - root chakra
2. Golden Jadeit - Sacral Chakra
3. Yellow ACHAT - solar plexus
4. Green Aventurin - Herzchakra
5. Blue Chalcedon - Halschakra
6. Light blue Lapislazuli - forehead chakra
7. Lilanen Amethyst - crown chakra
Negative ions:
An ion is negative if it has more electrons than protons. Negative ions, also referred to as anions, are demonstrably able to positively influence different aspects of human health. These ions are increasingly located in the forest, by the sea and on mountains and can renew skin cells or support the immune system by reducing free radical, for example. You can also contribute to a higher performance and a good mood.

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Premium crystal pillow

Technical details

Article number: VKPK20202
Dimensions: 50 cm × 30 cm × 10 cm
Weight: 2 kilograms
Application: on bed, floor or massage lounger

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Why we love Vitori 😍

Health is becoming more and more focused on, for good reason. In a world that is constantly changing, it becomes more important for all of us to pay good attention to us and our well -being.

We discovered the Vitori Matte for ourselves and quickly proved to be indispensable in our lives. Whether for relaxation after a long day or as a support for small symptoms - the mat is simply worth gold. We can and do not want to do without them anymore and it has become an integral part of our healthy lifestyle.

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