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Vitori - the original 💥 1,799 euros minus 5% discount with code: Nubusinesslife5

Vitality and balance

Are you also looking for a holistic solution to your health? Then our Vitori® Premium crystal mat could be just the thing for you!

The Vitori® Premium crystal mat is an all -rounder that combines unique forms of therapy and is individually applicable. An innovative product based on the model of nature.

  • Biophotons light therapy
  • Infrared depth heat
  • Pulsating magnetic field therapy
  • Negative ions
  • Crystals
  • Schumann resonance

Regardless of whether you use it in a private household, in the naturopath or doctor's office or in physiotherapy, the crystal mat is used in all areas.
It can be spread on the bed, sofa, floor or the treatment bed in no time at all in order to enjoy its soothing effects.

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Therapieformen der Vitori Kristallmatte

Original vitori crystal mat & more

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  • TÜV checked and certified

  • Vitori Kristallmatte ist zertifiziert vom Tüv Nord und DQN
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Why we love Vitori 😍

It was clear to us from the start: This mat is an absolute must-have for the whole family. Regardless of whether to relax after a long day, to relieve small ailments or to strengthen our self -healing powers - it has proven to be a real all -rounder.

✔️ Our mom, who often suffered from hip pain, made amazing progress with the pain program on the mat. The pain in her hip has decreased significantly and it can move freely again.
✔️ At the first sign of a cold, we all go straight to the mat with the immune system program. The results speak for themselves - we have the feeling that we are back on our feet faster and feel more comfortable overall.
✔️ With a friend who could hardly move her arm for weeks, after only two applications on the mat everything was fine again. We were all impressed!

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To the Vitori Shop - 5% discount with code: Nubusinesslife5
Erfahrungsbericht Vitori Kristallmatte
Erfahrungen Vitori Kristallmatte
Wirkung Vitori Kristallmatte
Vorteile Vitori Kristallmatte

Vitori Premium crystal mat - the original

💥1,799 euros, there is a 5% discount with the code


including VAT and free shipping
In installment payment via PayPal possible

The premium crystal mat contains the following forms of therapy:

  • Biophotonal light therapy
  • Infrared depth heat
  • Pulsating magnetic field therapy
  • Negative ions
  • Crystals
  • Schumann-Resonan

💰 Free Shipping🚚 Delivery time: at home in about 2-4 weeks🔙 14 days of return rights

To the Vitori Shop - 5% discount with code: Nubusinesslife5

scope of delivery

  • Premium crystal mat
  • Control unit
  • carry bag
  • Instructions
  • Free relaxation audio as a download (integrated as a QR code in the user manual)


The well thought -out control enables the infrared to be depth heat, the pulsating magnetic field and the biophotonous light therapy independently of one another.

The Vitori® crystal mat has 13 different magnetic field programs and can also be set manually from 1 to 30 Hz. Among other things, the Schumann frequency is also preset.

The vitori® crystal mat can be used several times a day, weekly or whenever you have the need. The application can be easily integrated into your everyday life. As soon as it has been removed from the carrier bag and folded down, you can put yourself on it immediately and relax. No matter whether immediately after getting up as a start to the day, in the afternoon for relaxation, after work or at the weekend with an exciting book.

The incorporated gemstones not only ensure an appealing look, they also offer a decisive added value for everyone with reference to spirituality.

The long -wave infrared light, which is spent by the Vitori® Premium Crystal products, for example, ensures safe and cozy warmth for children, older people and even pets.

Are you a doctor, naturopath or therapist?

Give your patients mobile or in your practice the opportunity to benefit from the successes of this unique and innovative technology. Your patients will thank you from the heart.

Disclaimer: We hereby emphasize that we do not promise any healing effects by using our products.

Technical details

Article number: VKPHM20201
Dimensions: 190 cm × 80 cm × 3 cm
Transport dimensions: 63 cm x 80 cm x 14 cm
Weight: approx. 12kg (transport weight: approx. 15 kg)
Power consumption: 280 W voltage 230 V
Application: on bed, floor or massage lounger
Temperature range: 30 ° C-70 ° C
Magnetic field strength: 150 µT
FDA-registered product
CE and Rohs checked according to the EU standard