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Discover the power of nature

  • Of course, pure nutritional supplements and natural products from Germany
  • Organic certification-no chemical additives
  • High bioavailability
  • for health, nutrition, household, leisure and animals
  • Extensive offer for vegans and vegetarians
  • Produced sustainably
  • Products are simple, effective and inexpensive

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  • Natur Zeolith von Cellavita billiger

    Natur-Zeolith (100%)- Klinoptilolith

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    • Natural material
    • Pure, pollutant -tested natural mineral of the best quality.
    • Proven clinoptilolite content of over 93%
    • Micronized natural ceremony, grain size 0.00mm to 0.05mm (50 micrometers or 50,000 nanometers).

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  • Acerola Vita Vitamine von Cellavita mit Rabattcode

    Acerola Vita (the vitamin C drink), powder

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    • Dietary supplement vitamin C from Acerola cherry.
    • 100% natural.
    • Contributes to reducing fatigue and fatigue.
    • Contributes to a normal function of the immune system.
    • Bio-certified according to DE-ÖKO-006.
      Also available as capsules.
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  • Wasserwirbler von Cellavita  für hexagon Wasser

    Hexagonwasser®-Wirbler Set (Hand)

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    The Hexagon water-violated (hand/batterywirting) for energetic, right-wing water. No chemical additives.
    Hexagonal water (structured water) represents the natural, high -energy water shape as we find in streams and sources.

    • Handwurbler from Cellavita
    • Jug from Cellavita
    • 1.0 l glass bottle from Cellavita
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  • ✔️ Dietary supplements
    ✔️ natural substances
    ✔️ primeval food
    ✔️ Superfoods
    ✔️ body care
    ✔️ Cleaning
    ✔️ Organic products
    ✔️ Products for children and animals
    ✔️ Colloidal Germanium/gold/silver/copper/zinc
    ✔️ Hexagon-water swivel, water filter
    ✔️ Devices such as galvanic fine current, multi-wave oscillator, air purifier, arnergy, grain squeeze and mills
    ✔️ Cella-Terra
    and much more

High quality nutritional supplements from Germany with vision

From the beginning, Cellavita's claim was to be used entirely on the power of nature, i.e. to use the whole plant (e.g. at Curcuma) and to do without chemically produced extracts as far as possible. In addition, Cellavita relies on organic products when available on the market, since organic products are generally widespread in organic products than with conventional cultivation. Furthermore, Cellavita generally does without trickling aids and fillers. The motto is as natural as possible. The products are simple, effective and inexpensive! Sustainability is another important factor that cares about the company Cellavita. Products produced in Germany to manufacture products also means to protect the environment by no long transports.

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Why we love Cellavita 😍

At Cellavita we get ✔️ many products for health and nutrition from a single source and that in ✔️ Organic quality. This is super practical. ✔️The products are grown and manufactured in Germany, ✔️ Many are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. ✔️The offer is extremely extensive, but the shop is super clear and the products are described very well. ✔️ We like the company philosophy of supporting people who want to take their health in their own hands with natural products and good advice.

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