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Holistic Heroes Deep Sleep als pflanzliches Schlafmittel mit Melatonin

Deep Sleep - Holistic Heroes

210g per can - Ashwaganda, melatonin and acerola
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Deep Sleep works while you sleep and is part of your heroic trio. Deep sleep is irreplaceable as the key element of our health. Melatonin, Ashwagandha, Passion Blossom, Acerola, Reishi and Amino acids dissolve stress in air and give you true regeneration. Treat yourself to the best night of your life, every night.

✓ helps to relax without sedating
✓ Supported in the regulation of stress and anxiety
✓ promotes real regeneration
✓ Start with more energy and concentration in the new day

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Vorteile von Holistic Heroes Deep Sleep als pflanzliches Schlafmittel mit Melatonin
Holistic Heroes Deep Sleep als pflanzliches Schlafmittel mit Melatonin

Your evening routine

Deep Sleep helps Better to fall asleep and sleep through. It is the perfect companion in your evening routine. Simply dissolve about an hour before bed (7 g) in 200 ml of liquid.

Lack of sleep is a signal that draws the body aware of stress, which is why it starts to release large amounts of cortisol.

Ashwagandha, passion blossom, melatonin and amino acids (glycine, inositol, l-trytophan) help in the evening to find a better sleep.

Deep Sleep is therefore so essential because im Sleeping important processes in the body.
Deep regeneration requires deep sleep.

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Why we love Holistic Heroes 😍

In the western world, almost everyone has a lack of important micronutrients. Hand on heart: Do you create the recommendation with 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day? In addition, there are significantly less in fruits and vegetables nowadays vitamins and minerals compared to earlier.

✔️ We are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​having an optimal supply of essential nutrients through just three products. ✔️ The Holistic Heroes are manufactured in Germany and are vegan. ✔️In water resolved, the Holistic Heroes result in a delicious drink. ✔️ We know the company personally and trust their high standards, excellent quality and bioavailability.

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